Carbon & Green

Easing the pressure on your business with jargon-free support.

Right thing, wrong price?

With the green issue becoming increasingly prominent in all commercial activities we can provide clear, jargon free advice, on sourcing your energy from green and renewable sources at little or no extra cost.

Sourcing green energy can enhance your organisation by:

  • Minimising the amount of Climate Change Levy (CCL) you have to pay
  • Showing your commitment to the environment
  • Building stronger relations with like minded businesses and clients

With growing pressure on businesses to measure carbon output and lessen enivronmental impact Influx Energy has partnered with market experts to make sense of;

  • Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC)
  • Climate Change Agreements (CCA)
  • Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS)

We can help provide clear timely advice on changes to legislation and ultimatley help you to;

  • Reduce consumption
  • Improve energy profiles
  • Reduce costs
  • Help environment

 Site works - We cut through red tape so you don't see the red mist. We are proficient in;

  • AMR - Surveys and installations
  • De-energise - We can organise meter changes
  • New installations - New premises, new requirements
  • kVa - authorised mesaurements, reductions and increases