Data Management

Supporting the environment and profits though measurement and analysis.

Whats the problem?

Many end users see the benefit in obtaining the best price and naturally, see the benefit in reducing there usuage to both help the environment and profit. Unfortunatley the daily demands of running a business take over with no time or resources to measure consumption.

The solution...

Influx Energy have created i-Flex your very own energy software suite. We can provide;

  • 24/7 access to cost and consumption reports
  • Reports at group and sub level
  • Maximum demand levels (kVa)
  • Budget assistance - reports on current and expected spend
  • Bill validation reports

Your account manager will  monitor these reports on your behalf. By regular analysis of these reports we can; 

  • Reduce consmption and associated carbon taxes
  • Reduce cost risk of our clients
  • Allow for better financial planning

Lets us show you...

Through our bespoke energy platform i-Flex we can demonstrate all of the above and much more.

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