Market Intelligence

It all begins with insight and intelligence.

Critical in today's energy markets is a clear view and understanding of market sentiment and direction. For that reason we subscribe to Marex Spectron's trading platform for live access to the wholesale markets.

Marex Spectron are one of the largest traders of oil, coal, gas and power in Europe with billions of euros trading through the platform on a monthly basis.

What are the benefits?

  • Take full advantage of your flexible product
  • Have visibility of within day movement
  • We can control your risk in highly volatile markets

 What do we offer?

  • Access to realtime gas and power prices
  • Access to over the counter (OTC) prices
  • Site specific convertions of wholesale prices
  • Daily detailed market reports
  • Ability to quickly secure your energy volumes

To help understand how we track your energy prices we have provided detailed snapshots of the Marex Spectron platform.

Lets us show you...

Through our bespoke energy platform i-Flex we can demonstrate all of the above and much more.

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