NHh Electricity

Best price and service

Why we can help...

The best price and best service is never too far away when using Influx Energy as your reliable resource.

We will...

  • Create a database of all of you non half hourly sites
  • Health check - collect data and check for inaccuracies
  • Risk assessment - fully identify your energy requirements
  • Budget preparation - work with you to understrand your budgets
  • Bespoke tendering - company and site specific tenders are released to market
  • Supplier - ensure supplier quotes for all sites within your group
  • Contract complete - Ensure all relevant documenation is in place
  • Transfer - manage any transfer between suppliers

Once we have sucessfully acheived the above we will...

  • Account manage - your personal assistant on energy
  • Actual reads - Input your actual reads on i-Flex for no more estimated bills
  • Billing support - Hand holding at its best

To find out more about of our after care please go to Data Management.