Murky waters...

Since the industry's privatisation over 20 years ago customer disillusionment has increased as customer service levels from suppliers has decreased. As pricing tariffs become more complex consumer understanding has lessened.

Water made clear...

Influx Energy has teamed up with an associate company of water specialists, which has resulted in over £1.2 million in recovery costs for our clients. Future streamlining of water tariffs is expected to net our clients approximatley £2.5 million of savings across the next 3 years.

Our water experts will help to highlight...

  • Charging bands - historic rebates and correct future banding
  • Site layout - hard standing and permeable areas.
  • Surface water drainage
  • Water meter inspections
  • Water usage - domestic and process.
  • Sewerage discharge 

Once we have sucessfully acheived the above we will...

  • Account manage - your personal assistant on energy
  • Billing assistance - Ensure correct future banding
  • Advise expertly on market changes and contract renewals

To find out more about of our after care please go to Data Management